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Can I install my own generator?


Generac used to provide a generator package that came pre-wired with comprehensive installation instructions for the ambitious homeowner.

These kits are no longer offered, partly because local codes have become more restrictive, and the interior workings have become more complex.

wiring diagram

Even if you are handy, installing a standby generator is no DIY project.

Electrical and plumbing connections have always required professional installation.  Many jurisdictions require permits for installation and inspections upon completion as well.

Generac recommends you use a authorized Generac dealer.

Clinton Electric Co. will install, warranty, service, maintain, and repair your unit if necessary.  We also offer financing.

Even if you find a steal of a deal on a generator online, or you trade a bass boat for one you found in the classifieds, please don’t trust “Chuck in a truck” and his driveway warranty.
Because that’s as far as his guarantee lasts, until the end of your driveway as he’s pulling away.

Contact a professional at Clinton Electric Co to schedule a free estimate.  We are experts installing whole house generators. We stand behind our work and we care about our customers.


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