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Generator Maintenance

Yes maintenance is required for a generator, just like a car motor.

All generators require periodic oil, filters and spark plug changes to ensure maximum performance for years of reliable service.


Automatic standby generators periodically require maintenance to help ensure long-term performance and extend the life of the generator. When the unit is running continuously, check the enclosure’s louvers for dirt and debris. Any shrubs or tall grasses that have grown within three (3) feet of the intake and discharge louvers on the sides of the enclosure should be removed, and any debris (dirt, grass clippings, etc.) that has accumulated inside the enclosure should be cleared out. Lines and connection points should also be checked for fuel or oil leaks before each use. Report any leaks immediately to your local service rep or fuel line provider.

Automatic standby generator owners should also check the engine’s oil level after 24 hours of continuous operation. Refer to the product’s owner’s manual to ensure you are utilizing the appropriate oil type for your local climate. Also, it is important to note that while most automatic standby generators feature a low oil pressure shutdown system that prevents catastrophic engine damage due to low oil, users should not rely on this defense mechanism as an indicator of when oil maintenance is required.

As for periodic maintenance requirements, following these steps will help to ensure a long product life and optimal operation when outages occur:

Yearly/Every 200 Hours of Operation

• Check battery condition, electrolyte level and state of charge

• Change oil and replace oil filter

Every four (4) years/400 Hours of Operation

• Replace air filter

• Re-gap spark plugs**

• Inspect and adjust valve clearance

**Replace spark plugs if pitted or fouled

We at the Clinton Electric Co. go above and beyond these minimum requirements for generators we install and for our maintenance contract customers.

We do a 3-month break-in oil service for every generator we install.

We use only 5w-30 full synthetic oil in every generator.

We also wax every generator we maintenance twice a year.

We use all Generac preventive maintenance equipment.

Our commitment to quality explains why we have generators that are 12 years old and still running with no issues.



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