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Natural Gas Generators


Fuel Option: Natural Gas

One of the biggest advantages of natural gas generators is avoiding the need to store fuel on-site. If you have natural gas service to your property and would like to use it to fuel your new generator, there is a process to follow.

First, Clinton Electric Co. will conduct a site survey.  We will want to find the best location for your generator based on service availability, proximity to windows and property lines, and a number of other considerations including property grading, local ordinances, flood levels, etc.  We will also recommend a generator size based on an assessment of your needs.

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Second, a gas application needs to be filed with BG&E (or your natural gas utility provider).

Clinton Electric Co. completes and submits this gas application free of charge within 24 hours for every estimate we deliver.

After receiving your application, your gas utility company will calculate the total BTU load required for all your appliances and the recommended generator.  This ensures that, in the event of a power outage, everything in your home will continue to run 100% efficiently.

Utility company review can be a lengthy process, and sometimes we won’t have a response approving your gas service for up to 2 weeks.

These applications can sometimes indicate additional infrastructure upgrades needed to accommodate your service needs.

If you need an upgraded gas meter, for example, charges can range from $200 to $1000.
Your utility may determine that you need to upgrade your gas service (meaning increase the size of the pipe supplying natural gas to your property) or other additional work.
Costs can range from $1800 to $4500.

We can’t estimate these additional costs before the application is filed, and all service upgrades or changes will be handled directly through BG&E or your utility provider.

Your utility company will explain the process if any work needs to be performed, but often these utility upgrades require payment in full in order for their work to be completed.

After the application is accepted, and any necessary work is completed to supply adequate service to your property, Clinton Electric will install, load test and service your new generator.

To read more about what goes into a standard installation, you can read more here.

Fuel Option: Propane

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