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Propane Generators


Fuel Option: Propane

Propane has an indefinite shelf life and is a clean-burning fuel. Propane generators tend to run quieter than others, but they have a more complicated engine/fuel system.  For properties not connected to natural gas service, for large estate and farm properties, or for those who prefer self-reliance, on-site propane storage is often the best option.  There is a process involved.

First, Clinton Electric Co. will conduct a site survey.  We will want to find the best location for your generator and fuel tanks based on proximity to windows and property lines, and a number of other considerations including property grading, local ordinances, flood levels, etc.  We will also recommend a generator size based on an assessment of your needs.

Existing Propane : We can connect the generator to it, but we have to be aware of what is being fueled by propane in the house. We also have to think about the size propane tanks you will need, because you should be able to run the generator for at least 5-days. Our licensed on-staff plumbers handle all of the piping and connections.

New Propane :  Clinton Electric will work with your preferred propane supplier or one of our many trusted propane partners. We handle all the details, and give you an inclusive price for installation, with no extra work or surprises.  Some propane installers will encourage you to rent tanks.  We can provide an estimate including tank lease agreements, however, we advise homeowners that is better to own their propane tanks.

This is all part of our up-front pricing ethos.  We don’t want you to be surprised by charges down the line.

Often tank rental agreements include top-off charges, unstable escalating fuel costs, exclusivity agreements for fuel delivery, and monthly fees for the tank itself.  These additional charges can add up over time, but you know what fits your lifestyle and budget priorities best.

There are many different options for tank sizes and systems. We install a single 120 gallon above-ground tank, or up to four 120 gallon tanks.  Options also include 325, 500, or 1000 gallon above ground tanks. If you require a large tank, burying it is often preferred. We can install from 325 to 1000 gallon tanks in-ground.

We are happy to include in our estimate conversion of electric appliances to propane service, and can make the adjustments at the time of installation.

Options include installing a propane fueled fireplace.

Fuel Option: Natural Gas

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