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Standby or Portable?

Portable generators may be less expensive initially, but they present many limitations, inconveniences, hidden cost, and even potentially hazardous conditions.

With a portable generator, you must turn it on, plug in extension cords, and constantly replenish the supply of gasoline.  This is especially problematic when the gas stations don’t work either due to extended power outages.  Storing gasoline in your house is less than ideal. It is highly flammable, and needs stabilizer over time to prevent separation (going stale).


Portable generators can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, a threat clearly stated on the government mandated warning label on every portable generator. In addition, portable generators and even some Home Standby Generators produce unstable, low-quality power that can damage sensitive home electronics. Our Generac Home Standby Generators produce a safe, stable power supply with less than a 5% harmonic distortion. Generac generators have all kinds of fail-safes built into them so they will shut themselves down before producing incorrect voltage.

To determine which standby generator is the best fit for your situation, please contact Clinton Electric Co to schedule a free estimate.


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