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Pyxis AMP

Considering a generator for your home or business?

Take advantage of this pilot program and install your generator for $0 up front!

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Choose the Pyxis Generac generator for $0 up front!

Pyxis Energy is revolutionizing the way people are protecting their homes and achieving grid independence with

Pyxis Alternative Market Power (AMP)

Pyxis AMP is a turnkey energy reliability service that assures you the peace of mind in knowing your most valued possessions are always secure.

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  • No money is due up front
  • The Pyxis AMP solution is custom designed for you
  • Only a low, fixed monthly reliability fee
  • Take advantage of our network of nationally recognized energy suppliers
  • Pyxis will own and monitor the generator
  • Maintenance and repairs are never your concern

Take charge of your electric reliability. 
Enjoy the benefits of utility company rebates without reducing your usage.

Limited time offer!

Act Now!


Why choose Pyxis AMP for your reliability needs?

  • Our generators guarantee you’ll always have power, even during outages!
  • AMP generators are monitored 24/7 to ensure they are always available.
  • Pyxis brokerage helps you create a strategy for energy savings and grid independence.
  • Pyxis AMP generators are environmentally friendly, using clean natural gas or liquid propane.
  • No complex utility relationships are required.
  • No customer financing is required.

Take charge of your electric reliability with Pyxis AMP!


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