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Why do I need a generator?

A generator can keep many issues from impacting your life:

Lightning and House

  1. Extreme weather conditions
  2. Outdated infrastructure
  3. Unforeseen complications (I.e. Traffic accidents)

Extended power outages can mean real problems for daily living. These events can really put a crimp in your lifestyle. When an ice storm knocks down a tree, and it falls on the lines that supply your neighborhood, you are left waiting.  How long will it take before the utility company comes to your neighborhood to restore power?

This could mean days of waiting.

Days without heat or internet, no way to charge your phones. When all the food in your refrigerator goes bad, it can cost a you a fortune. And if you are on a well, you might not even be able to flush.

With a whole house back up generator, we install an automatic transfer switch.


Source: Popular Mechanics

This switch constantly monitors the electricity coming into your home, and recognizes when you are no longer receiving power from the grid.

Within seconds, your generator takes over as your home’s power source and supplies electricity to vital outlets and appliances, keeps your food cold, and makes your house an oasis in the proverbial desert.  Your life goes on uninterrupted.

Generac generator


Today’s standby generators are fully automatic, self-contained, and built to be permanently installed outside just like your AC unit. You can almost forget it is there, until you need it.

To determine which standby generator is the best fit for your situation, please contact Clinton Electric Co to schedule a free estimate.


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