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Electrical Inspection


Gain Peace of Mind and Electrical Safety with a Full Inspection

Loose connections, aging outlets, poorly installed switches, overloaded circuits, and absent GFCI plugs are just a few of the things a full National Electric Code and safety electrical inspection might find.

Even if your home was up to code when it was built, the NEC updates over time for changes in technology and new information. Your home also ages over time, leading to degraded outlets, wiring, and connections. Everything wears out eventually. As good as regular maintenance and immediate repairs are, nothing lasts forever.

When you call us for a full electrical safety inspection, we deliver everything. From the transmission line interconnect to the last outlet in your home, nothing goes unnoticed. Clinton Electric electricians will inspect the wall wiring for damages or signs of overheating, which could lead to insulation fires.

We’ll test your electrical panel to make sure it’s not being overloaded and that none of the breaker switches are worn out. We’ll test each and every GFCI and AFCI circuit in your home and we’ll even do a quick check of your smoke alarms to make sure they’re still in good working order.

Once we’ve tested for general building wear and tear, we’ll follow it up with an inspection for National Electrical Code compliance. The best way to make sure that your electrical system is not only safe, but operating at peak efficiency is to match the guidelines laid down by the NEC.

When Should I Get an Inspection?

  • Newly Constructed Home
  • Newly Purchased Home
  • Preparing Home for Sale
  • Renovations
  • 10 Years or More Since Last Inspection

We know it can seem counterintuitive to inspect a home that’s just finished construction, but getting a full inspection within the first year of ownership can help you identify problems that were missed or items that were accidentally left out during initial construction. Similarly, inspecting your home before you buy a new one is always advisable and sometimes required. Not only are you aware of what needs to be fixed, but you might be able to get those repairs added as part of the purchase contract.

A full electrical safety inspection is an absolute must for any building. Call Clinton Electric, Baltimore’s Premier Electricians, today to schedule a code and safety inspection at (410) 453-9800.

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