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Electrical Panels


The Best Electrical Panel Service in Baltimore County

The weakest link in all home electrical wiring is also its strongest defense. The electrical panel for your home is where power from the city grid enters your home and is separated to power different rooms and circuits. It’s also where each of those circuits is protected from run-away overload conditions.

Clinton Electric is especially suited for testing, maintaining, and repairing your electrical panel. If there’s a problem will fix it and if there isn’t yet, we’ll make sure that everything will stay in working order and up-to-code.

We all know that when you add too many appliances to a circuit there’s a chance you may overload the breaker and cause it to trip. If the circuit was running just fine, why would the breaker suddenly trip? A condition called run-away current is to blame.

As appliances, devices, and cables are added to a circuit, load increases. The increased load demands more and more power from the line. Unfortunately, this comes with an increase in current. As current increases, devices and wires begin to heat up and expand. As cables heat up, they draw more power themselves, causing them to heat up even more. When this happens, it enters a run-away heating state that can lead to an electrical fire. To prevent this, as soon as the circuit’s maximum current rating is exceeded, the breaker trips, regardless of how smoothly things are running at the time.

Electrical Panel Safety

If you find yourself regularly overloading a specific circuit (tripping the same breaker over and over again), then it’s best to get that circuit inspected. A quick check by a licensed electrician will tell you if it’s simply not rated for that load, or if there’s another problem.

When resetting your breaker, sensitive electronic equipment should be turned off prior to flipping breakers ON and OFF to avoid disruptive power surges and equipment damage. Non-trained persons should not take the panel cover off. If any of your breakers feel HOT to the touch, turn the breaker off and call your local, licensed electrician immediately.

With Clinton’s warehouses on wheels, we carry all the tools necessary to fix the issue if it’s a problem with the breaker box. Otherwise, it may be time to upgrade the circuits in your home, or to install a brand new circuit in the room.

Fuse Boxes

An older method of protecting your home, fuse boxes have a very thin filament which will vaporize when the current becomes too high. They function in the exact same capacity as a regular circuit breaker, but need to be replaced instead of being reset.

Fuses are just as effective at protecting your home as a circuit breaker but they carry their own risks. If you’re fuses aren’t clearly labeled, there’s a chance you may place a fuse with too high of an amperage rating into the wrong circuit. If you intend to keep your current fuse box, make sure you have plenty of spare fuses, and that every circuit is clearly labeled for its maximum amperage.

Otherwise, we would be happy to send out an electrician to help upgrade your home to a new circuit breaker panel.

For any issue with your breaker panel or fuse box, call Clinton Electric to schedule an evaluation or repair immediately at (410) 453-9800.

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