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In your home, the most common electrical interfaces you’ll find are light switches and electrical outlets. The National Electric Code now requires a certain number of outlets to be placed throughout each room. To stay up to code, the electrical circuits in your home need to be able to support multiple outlets through each room. You also need to have GFCI-protected outlets near any open water source (the kitchen and bathroom), in outside receptacles, and in your garage.

If you have an older house and are missing any of these basic code requirements, call Clinton Electric. Not only can we examine your house to make sure everything is up to code, we can fix these problems while we’re there. Installing a new electrical outlet or switch is simple, so an upgrade to a GFCI or AFCI outlet won’t take long at all.

Depending on how old your house is, your switches and outlets may have started to wear out. It’s time to replace them if:

  • Plugs fall out of the sockets easily
  • Devices do not receive power when plugged in
  • You receive electric shocks from the faceplate
  • You have to flip the switch multiple times to make a connection

Again, replacing a receptacle or switch is easy. But problems caused by aging switches and outlets are not. Loose connections can be a sign of frayed wiring or carbon buildup from electrical arcing. Both of these can be dangerous for your home. If your outlet is delivering even a mild electric buzz when you touch it, there is likely a grounding issue and it should be replaced immediately.

Upgrade Your Home

Another reason to replace your outlets and switches is for home upgrades and inspections. We can install outlets and switches, as well as entirely new electrical circuits if you’re building a new addition to your home. Or we can upgrade your existing outlets. Newer electrical receptacles come with USB ports built right in. With so many of our electrical devices being powered by USB, we can help shortcut the adapter by upgrading your outlets. Or, if you have a room with outlets that are wired to a switch, we can adjust which outlets are always on and which ones are switch controlled.

DIY Troubleshooting Your Receptacles

Before you call your local electrician:

Check the electric panel for a tripped breaker:

Most tripped breakers are sitting in the middle position, but they may also still be in the ON or OFF position. If the breaker is in the middle position or in the OFF position, it’s tripped or OFF and the breaker must be pushed completely to the OFF position before pushing back to the ON position in order to reset it. WARNING: Sensitive electronic equipment should be turned off prior to flipping breakers ON and OFF to avoid disruptive power surges and equipment damage. If the breaker box or breaker feels HOT to the touch, it’s best to turn that breaker or the entire panel off and give us a call. Many breakers feeding your heavy equipment like an electric heater may feel warm to the touch and this is usually OK. HOT is not OK; HOT means you can’t keep your finger on the breaker for more than a minute.

Check the GFCI protection:

Many of the receptacles located in your home and specifically located in the bathrooms and kitchen are protected by a special GFCI, ground fault circuit interruption, system. Usually you can tell the GFCI receptacles because they have “test” and “reset” buttons on them. If power is out to a GFCI receptacle, the first thing to do is test the receptacle by pressing the “test” button and then the “reset” button and see if this restores the power. WARNING: If your GFCI outlet or breaker continues to trip, it is trying to tell you something. This could indicate a dangerous ground fault situation. It is recommended that you consult a licensed electrician to troubleshoot the issue.

We are committed to providing outlet and receptacle service that exceeds your expectations. The job isn’t finished until you are completely satisfied. Our guarantee is backed over 40 years of commitment to customer service. We live and work in the Baltimore metropolitan area, so our customers are our neighbors too.

We pride ourselves on maintaining high reviews and obtaining positive feedback from our customers. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions on any of our services.

For upgrades, repairs, or replacements to your outlets and switches, Clinton Electric is your best choice in the Baltimore area. Just give us a call at (410) 453-9800.

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