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Safety Savings Plan


Stop Electrical Problems Before They Start!

“It’s like having my own personal technician sitting in his truck, waiting for me to call!”
Clinton Electric’s Safety and Savings Plan is your best defense against electrical problems. As a Safety and Savings Plan member, you receive a comprehensive set of benefits to maintain the integrity of your home electrical system.

Our Safety and Savings Plan benefits start with a thorough inspection of your home’s electrical system. This inspection identifies potential problems before they become deadly hazards. Our technician will give you a detailed report of his findings and recommendations.

Our full and comprehensive inspection of your homes electrical system includes:

  • Check meter box, main service cabling and weather head for problems
  • Inspect the electrical panel for proper operation, sizing, and accurate labeling
  • Ensure that grounding is properly done
  • Check for a main surge suppression device
  • Inspect for any signs of corrosion or burning
  • Make sure GFCI protection is installed in all required areas
  • Test all GFI outlets for proper operation
  • Check the operation and condition of all wall outlets and switches
  • Inspect for any possibility for shock or electrocution
  • Check for presence and proper placement and operation of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

“The inspection found a short in a wire and the repair was inexpensive. The peace of mind is priceless!”

-Lou, Monkton, MD

“I saved $580 in my first year! The exclusive specials and priority service are great!”
– Carolyn, Timonium, MD

Member Benefits

Priority Service

Our plan gives you priority service. As a Safety and Savings Plan Member, you will go straight to the front of the line when you call us for electrical service. Think of us as your electrician on call.

Electrical Safety Inspection

A thorough home safety inspection will be done by our technician. We will perform this inspection each year you are a member, so that we can identify any potential problems before they become a hazard to you and your family.

Pricing Discounts

We offer Straightforward Pricing to all of our customers. As a Safety and Savings Plan member, your discount off of those prices is 15%, excluding generators and EV chargers.

Exclusive Specials

We offer monthly specials to all of our customers, but our Safety and Savings Plan members get additional savings on top of our specials, along with exclusive offers just for you!

Reduced Dispatch Fee

Because we value your committed patronage to Clinton Electric Co., you pay half the standard $59 dispatch fee charged on most service calls and receive discounted pricing for your services.

Lifetime Warranty

Safety and Savings Plan members receive a lifetime warranty on all fixtures that are installed by Clinton Electric Co. You never pay addition- all material or labor costs.

Quality Commitment

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service by skilled and professional technicians. We want to keep you as a customer for life!

Most Safety and Savings Plans pay for themselves several times over. Don’t gamble with your family’s safety. Become a Safety and Savings Plan Member today and give yourself the peace of mind with early detection and prevention!

Call today and start saving! Download our CEC RES SSP Flier (PDF) or call us for more information at (410) 453-9800.

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