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Tips & FAQs


Electrical Tips & FAQs

What do I do if the breaker won’t reset?

Most tripped breakers are sitting in the middle position, but they may also still be in the ON or OFF position. If the breaker is in the middle position or in the OFF position, it’s tripped or OFF and the breaker must be pushed completely to the OFF position before pushing back to the ON position in order to reset it.

What do I do if the light won’t come on?

Check the switch: Believe it or not, many times we get out to the home and find that switch you forgot you had. It was on the other side of the room and was turned off.

What can I do when power is out to the receptacle?

Before you call, check the electric panel for a tripped breaker.

Check the GFCI protection: Many of the receptacles located in your home and specifically located in the bathrooms and kitchen are protected by a special GFCI, ground fault circuit interruption, system. Usually you can tell the GFCI receptacles because they have the “trip” and “reset” button on them. These GFCI receptacles may be providing power to the other receptacles without the buttons and this is tricky. So, if power is out to a receptacle one of the first things to do is to go around the house and test all of the GFCI receptacles by pressing the “trip” button and then the “reset” button and see if this restores the power. HINT, in many older homes (10 to 30 years old) many times the main GFCI receptacle for the bathrooms and/or exterior receptacles are located next to the electric panel.

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